Saturday, February 03, 2007

A month late and more than a few dollars short.

So, yeah, I'm allowed to take a month off from posting, aren't I? I've actually been busy as hell since 2007 kicked in (proof of this being the launch of Minus World over at ModernTales), so God knows I'm not lacking for content to post here - unfortunately, Minus World has been eating up most of the free time I was hoping to use to create more gaming-realated artwork to post here in this blog, so...yeah. You'll have to settle for non-gaming-related stuff like this for now (nearly all of them being pieces recently commissioned from me):

A slightly spoilerish-piece related to this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

A piece for the wonderful Brenna Zedan, whose boyfriend commissioned this as a Christmas gift for her. Seriously. She digs Judge Dredd that much. She has impeccable taste, to sya the very least.

It's Logan from Veronica Mars and Willow from Buffy done up as Star Trek folk. I would have never have thought of drawing anything like this in a million goddamned years unless someone had asked me to. And that is why the internet can sometimes - sometimes - a force for very silly good in the universe.

Hellboy. Just felt like drawin' him.

I was hired by a rug-making company to design a "videogame"-themed rug for them, practically overnight. I'm lukewarm on how it came out, but considering the time constraints I was dealing with, I suppose I could've done a lot worse.


Acrylicana said...

I can't complain so long as your posts consist of awesomeness.
That rug, seriously, wins.

Emmanuel said...

Yeah, it doesn't matter if you dont post very often, but the fact that when you do it you present us amazing artworks makes the... month!