Sunday, November 19, 2006

I could have been your daddy....

Joshin and I managed to botch our attempt to snag a Wii console during last night's midnight launch not once, but twice (I blame the ridiculously long screentime of Casino Royale for screwing up our finely-honed plan to spend 3 hours engaged in a line-wide Mario Kart DS tournament with the other people waiting in line, but that's the best laid plans of mice and men for ya, I suppose.)

In an effort to console myself, I knocked out the above doodle in salute to the game that'll have to tide us over for another week before we can get our grubby little mitts on Twilight Princess. (I haven't been particularly happy with my shading methods lately, so I'm focusing on flat color/detail for the time being. If you've ever played Halo, then the above image should be pretty self-explanatory - if a little needlessly chaotic).

,,,and speaking of Zelda, here's a little Link for the ladies. Most people seem to dig that Link here seems to be a little less fey than he's usually depicted - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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Anonymous said...

very nice way to start a blog =D